Life is not a series of gig lamps symmetrically arranged; life is a luminous halo, a semi-transparent envelope surrounding us from the beginning of consciousness to the end.
- Virginia Woolf, “Modern Fiction”
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so my brother IS one of the 50 most beautiful people on Capitol Hill 1 note // reblog
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2Pac - Ambitionz Az a Ridah

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Death followed by eternity…the worst of both worlds.
- Tom Stoppard, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead
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But sorry is the Kool-Aid of human emotions.
- Stephen King, Carrie
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Statistics never galvanize attention as powerfully as do two or three horrible incidents.
- Thomas Hine, “The Rise and Decline of the American Teenager”
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The word ‘phobic’ has its place when properly used, but lately it’s been declawed by the pompous insistence that most animosity is based upon fear rather than loathing.
- David Sedaris, “”
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De La Soul - Eye Know

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They thought death was worth it, but I Have a self to recover, a queen
- Sylvia Plath, “Stings”
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